Mull Willow is a small but beautiful willow croft on the Isle of Mull, nestled between sea and mountains.

The bay and the sea flank you on the South and West, and to the East lie the magnificent Burg and Ben More.

We grow around three thousand willow plants, and together they provide over a quarter of a million rods for cuttings and for weaving. We grow our plants organically, without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers. In the winter months we cut and harvest each rod by hand. The willow provides us with many products: from cuttings to make new trees and hedges, to strong rods for hurdle making.

The willow can withstand high winds, heavy rain, hail, droughts, salt from the sea and its roots in poor soil. But if you want it to thrive, and produce long straight rods for basketry and willow work it's best if you can give it a little protection and care.

This amazing crop greatly encourages biodiversity, providing food and shelter for a host of creatures, insects, and birds. In the spring when bees are coming out of winter, willows are an early source of much needed pollen and nectar. Many times the hives are very low on stores and the first things that bloom give them the chance to restock.   

In the holiday season we open up the croft, so that people can join us on short courses to make willow and hazel stools, willow teepee bird boxes and traditional plank-based baskets. There's a wood burning stove in the workshop for when it's chilly, and plenty of seating outside.