willow 250

Hazel and willow stool kit course - £95 including lunch

Our day stool course runs alongside the day basket course in the workshop and includes lunch.

Begin to discover some of the mysteries of the ancient craft of green woodworking. How is it possible to build without nails and screws?

To give you time to make the stool in just one day, the mortise and tenon joints have been made for you by us. You will use this kit to build and design your stool frame - without nails or screws.

In the afternoon you will be shown how to use randing to weave your seat. You will level the stool with a Japanese hand saw. Finally, the stool will be finished by sanding and polishing the button-top seat posts, to bring out the beauty of the grain of the wood.

This is a very satisfying course and you will enjoy using your handmade stool for many years to come!

Course cost: £95 including hazel wood, willow, tools and tuition, snacks and lunch.

greenwood willow and hazel stool