Traditional plank basket


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Sunset Supper Workshop Thursday evenings
All our workshops run alongside each other. Vegetarian and vegan supper, and snacks, cake and drinks provided. 16:00 - 20:00


All of our workshops run alongside each other in the workshop, and include supper

This workshop is a great experience for beginners, as well as or for those who have worked with willow before.  The basket has a traditional plank-based design made with native Scottish wood. It is a little more difficult than the bird house and the stool workshop

CRAZY FACT! Your upturned basket will hold the weight of a 70 kg person. Yes, they’re light, but willow is an amazingly strong and durable natural material.  Baskets can last up to 60 years – our baskets will probably outlast all of us 🙂

Wooden base, willow, tools and tuition included.

Lots of tea, coffee, snacks, and vegetarian/vegan supper included.

Cost: £55    Time:  16:00 – 20:30

Dogs welcome 🙂


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